July 22, 2008

Holy Crap...We're Back!!

Ok, our bad. It has been a while, and, as we said, that's our fault. You see, starting in mid-May: one of us graduated, one of us got ready for the busy part of the year, then both of us were at camp, then one of us left camp to go to Europe while the other stayed busy at camp. And here we are, two months later, and finally getting back to this whole blogging thing. Luckilly we didn't miss a thing. Baseball season ended with a whimper, football season didn't start yet, and it was hot. We would like to summarize a few things that did happen as we do it best, in bullet form:
  • The Saints got Jeremy Shockey yesterday for a second and fifth round pick in 2009. How this can be seen as anything but a good thing is beyond us. Shockey is a four-time Pro Bowler entering the prime of his career who will be leaving an oft-troubled (other than 4 games in the playoffs in 2007) mostly running squad onto a pass-heavy precision offense that desperately needs a good tight end. And they got it all for a 2 and a 5. And he's signed for the next four years. And the Giants already paid his signing bonus. Considering the last 20 years of Saints history have produced four Pro Bowl appearances from their 2nd and 5th round draft choices (LeCharles Bentley (2), Dalton Hilliard and Tyrone Hughes), a solid tight end is a great pick up. In other words, should he cause issues with team chemistry, the Saints really haven't given up a ton to get him. Good get!
  • The LSU Tigers baseball team played extraordinarily well, reaching Omaha for the first time in several years. It may not have gone all the way, but the team is certainly headed in the right direction.
  • VY is getting his jersey retired. There has never been any doubt in our mind that it should have been done. It's about damn time.
  • Finally, check this out! It's a book, with stuff we wrote in it! A book! Go buy it, we get none of the proceeds, so not buying it just to spite us will not work.

41 days until football starts.