March 6, 2008

Change is neither good nor bad, change is just change

We'd love to give credit to whomever first gave us the memorable quote that is the title, but we can't remember. We started this blog almost a year ago basically so that we would have a reason to talk almost every day. Is that pathetic? Does that play right into the theory that we're not really friends, but in fact an old married couple? That's for others to judge.

The point is, sometime in the last year it turned out that someone other than our parents and eight of our friends started to read this thing. So this post is to let all of you--we still don't believe there are more than 15 of you out there--know that there will be a bit of a slowdown here on 40 Acre Sports. We will continue to keep the site up and post to it regularly. Our thoughts on LSU, Tulane, the Cardinals, the Saints, the Hornets, the Red Sox/Nats/whomever Jeff is pretending to be a fan of today (go Capitals!), and some Texas items will remain here. But, the bulk of our Texas posting will now take place on Burnt Orange Nation. So go there. Now.


ben said...

our little babies are all growns up!! is this like simmons leaving his BSG site for the hallowed halls of ESPN, only to jump ship for jimmy kimmel live and then return to mail in steaming piles of mediocrity for the next few years? if so, then more power to you, and i'm sure the craig ferguson show will be knocking on your doors any day now.

JMA said...

Writing for the Craig Ferguson show would validate my existance.

Adam said...

With you guys gone, where am I supposed to post about my angst for this upcoming Cardinals season. I mean, Kyle Lohse?!