April 4, 2008

This Weekend: 40AS Intra-Blog Showdown!

April 4 to April 6, 2008 at New Busch Stadium in St. Louis will see a showdown between the team one of us has loved since he was a tiny tot and the team of which the other of us is a Jeffrey-Come-Lately fan since he moved to Washington, DC.

That's right, the 3-1 Nats visit the 2-1 Cardinals as the Birdos try to stay above .500 for as long as their mediocre roster will allow. It's on like Donkey Kong.


JMA said...

Go CAPS!!!!

Adam Lazarov said...

Ok, so let's say, hypothetically, the first half of the season we have enough ups to hover around .500. Hypothetically, Wainwright develops into the ace that he is fully capable of becoming, and, hypothetically, Carpenter comes back at the all-star break as part of a solid one-two punch. The Brewers have the mid- to late-season collapse that we all know is coming. And the Cubs fall to the pressure of a hard charging Cards squad in the final weeks. We enter the post-season with a lineup full of young, energetic go-getters, and bam, who knows what happens? Hypothetically.

And to think, on Tuesday I was just hoping we'd get more wins than the Pirates.

Baseball season is nothing if not full of possibility.

JMA said...

Unless your a Devil Rays fan...wait a second, they're now the Rays. I guess anything can happen.

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