August 16, 2008

40AS Morning Corn Flakes -- Beating Serbians for Over 100 Years

This post is (shockingly) all over the place, so please forgive us.

  • The Olympics have been fantastic, just fantastic. The glory includes Michael Phelps captivating the nation, the tragedy of the men's volleyball team, women's gymnastics taking the individual gold and silver, the men's basketball team teaching us to love (USA basketball) again, 13 year old Chinese gymnasts, and a real medal count race being tainted by the existence of synchronized diving. We've got a week and a half left in the Olympics, and we're not ashamed to say that we'll be sad when this is over.

  • Jannero Pargo is going to Russia to play basketball, signing a one year deal worth roughly $3.5 million with the Moscow Dynamo. Rather than adding to his skills during the prime of his career on the world's stage, he's taking a single fat paycheck to play in international abscurity and avoid paying taxes. Maybe there's an angle here that we're not seeing, but it seems like an awful lot to give up (fame, chance to play for a title, long term financial security) for just over $1 million, not to throw in the relative increased cost of living between Moscow and New Orleans/San Antonio.

  • As if you need another reason to hate USC, it turns out they kicked Augie Garrido out of a scrimmage that was closed to the public but open to select alumni. Garrido is not an alum, but it seems kind of dick to kick the all-time winningnest baseball coach out of a preseason football scrimmage. We'd say something chippy but instead we'll just put the 2006 Rose Bowl DVD on and enjoy.

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