July 3, 2007

Box Score Of The Day -- July 3rd

One of our dads turned 56 yesterday, so today's box score is in his honor. Before the '05 Longhorns many considered it the greatest offense in college football history. Certainly no QB until VY had as good a season as Shaun King in 1998. For the record, King was the first QB in college football history to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 500...VY became the second. Today's box score: BYU 27, Tulane 41.


Anonymous said...

Vince actually threw for 3,000 and run for a 1000, I believe he is the only quarterback to ever do it. Please do not ever compare Vince Young to Shaun King.

JMA said...

I wouldn't dare compare VY to Shaun King, just pointing out that only 2 players in college football history have ever thrown for 3000 and rushed for 1000 in a season. VY clearly had the better season and is the greatest player I've ever seen. That having been said, Shaun King set the QB efficiency record in 1998, he was a nice QB.