July 27, 2007

We're THIS Close...

A few bullet points regarding recent developments in the world of football.
  • NFL training camps have started which means NFL preseason is only a few days away. Preseason is the most glorious time of the year in that it celebrates the return of football...that is until preseason gets old after the first quarter of the first game, or your star player gets hurt (whichever comes first)
  • With NFL training camps come college football practices. We probably won't be following nearly close enough, but we're sure of a few things: there will be lots of Jordan Shipley getting hurt stories, Jamaal Charles will look bigger/stronger/faster/quicker than ever all at once, and OU will suck.
  • BON let us participate in the first ever Blogger Big 12 Preseason Predictions. It's well worth a read, and we're really excited that our Baylor v. A&M prediction got a mention as best conference game.
  • This picture is on the cover of SI. One of us was at that game and saw the hit develop. It was nasty. Everybody was okay and the Saints won, therefore it's acceptable to celebrate that hit as one of the nastiest we have ever seen (live or on TV).
  • Finally, a bit of outrage directed toward the world leader in sports. ESPN has put together it's list of top programs of the last decade. Texas comes in at #3 behind USC and OSU. We won't argue that, all of the top-10 programs have had wildly successful decades, arguing that would be pointless. Our issue is Tulane being placed #89 on the list. Aside from Tulane having more undefeated seasons than Florida over the past decade (and tied for USC), we must take issue with Tulane being noted as having only one bowl victory in the last decade. Tulane is 2-0 in that period (1998 Liberty Bowl and 2002 Hawaii Bowl). Our silent protest of ESPN will continue until this travesty is remedied.

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Canalstreetchronicles said...

Great googily moogily, that was a big hit. Shame the NFL removed it from YouTube.