July 7, 2007

Box Score Of The Day -- July 7th

Enough with the Yankee hating, back to football. Today's box score is our second against Kansas. This one was fun because it was VY's last home game. We still vividly remember Mike Lupica bashing Mack Brown on Sunday Reporters for running up the score. Of course he was referring to Texas kicking a field goal, to go up 52-0. From 35 yards away. After going 3 and out. In the first half. After this one we really started to believe that USC was in trouble as KU didn't have a first down in the first half. Texas 66, Kansas 14.


JBRATER said...

Boys, what's with the lack of action? This should jump-start you:


Do they have to give back Jason White's heisman too? I know it wasn't that year, but shouldn't they do it anyway? Because he sucked?

WAO said...

Sorry cuz; today is session 2 opening day so I'm swamped, and Jeff doesn't have publid internet access at work, so it's slow for awhile. But come August 6, we'll be posting fast, quick, and without a chance of being a legit heisman winner like Charles Woodson!