January 15, 2008

Come Home, Major!

Word is that there's a serious chance that Major Applewhite may return to UT for next season as some sort of offensive coach, with an understanding that he will be the next offensive coordinator for the Longhorns.

Bama fans are all over the internet in disbelief that anyone in their right mind would even CONSIDER leaving the Great Crimson Tide for any other program, alma mater or not. But here's the problem: this list, compiled by ESPN's college football writers last summer, lists mighty Alabama as only the 34th best college football program of the past decade, while Mack Brown's Longhorns rank 3rd. We also LOVE this quote from Houston-area Tide recruit Damion Square, which we saw on BON:

"Oh, wow. A little (upsetting)," said Square. "I would've loved to have Applewhite. If he wants to win championships, and I know Applewhite does, then he'll stay. You don't win no championships at UT, man. You win championships at UA. But he's got to do what he's got to do."

We're sorry...what was that?? Over at BON, Peter specifically referred to his own lack of interest in a "pissing contest" with Bama fans over this whole thing, but we're are WAY below his maturity level. Which Houston has this kid been living in? Which championships, exactly, has Alabama won recently? The Independence Bowl championship? When was the last time they even won the Iron Bowl championship? That's a two-team race!

We have even seen one Bama fan on a message board state that Major won't leave Tuscaloosa because "that's where his heart is." Our only response to that is:


And of course: