January 18, 2008

Texas Has A New Defensive Coordinator

Meet Paul Rhoads. He's 40, a native of Ankeny, Iowa and Missouri Western grad. He's also likely to be the Texas defensive coordinator before all is said and done. That's right, Paul Rhoads is Auburn's new defensive coordinator. He ran a stout Pittsburgh defense and should do pretty well at Auburn. In a few years, when Mack comes calling, Paul will come to Austin because the air is fresher, the campus prettier, and the football more prestigious. For now we'll simply offer Paul a preemptive welcome to the 40 Acres.

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Sharky said...

You are not on my blogroll for the same reason I'm not on yours: I didn't know you had one. I'll add you now, yay. Is D.C. that close? Maybe I SHOULD come visit!