January 27, 2008

A New Feature: Ranking The Seasons (Running Backs -- #10)

We're sorry that things have been so slow of late, we've been busy. To sum up the last week: Texas won twice, the Hornets are good, Wes Welker is going to play QB in the Super Bowl, Aggy lost to Baylor, and Oklahoma still sucks. There, we're all caught up.

A little something we've been working on is a review of running backs in the Mack Brown era. Mack has been at Texas for ten years now, and Texas has (allegedly) had a running game for all ten of those years. Should this feature work out, we may expand it to other facets (read: passing game -- sans 2004), but here's the plan: we will rank the seasons based on the primary running back's performance. This will take other factors into consideration, such as splitting carries with another back (or VY), number of games played, and national rushing averages. Hopefully this week we can chat a bit about recruiting, Texas hoops, and how glad we are that A&M lost to Baylor at home.

On to the feature --

#10--Jamaal Charles, 2006
Stats: 12 games, 156 carries for 831 yards (5.3 ypc) and 7 tds

The season: Texas went 10-3, beating Oklahoma but losing the final two games of the regular season (no reason to name the teams, we all remember that crap). Jamaal Charles gets the nod here on the list over Selvin Young. The two split carries all season, leading Texas to the fewest rushing yards and yards-per-carry by a starter since 2002. JC ended the season ranked 60th in the country in yards, had only one 100-yard rushing game all season, and ended Mack's streak of 1000 yard rushers.

The ranking: JC in '06 ranks last on our list. He finished with 50 fewer rushing yards than he had in 2005 despite having 40 more carries. JC06 ranks last on our list in yards and touchdowns. We are understanding that he split carries with Selvin Young, but he still finishes last on our last.

Next up -- #9

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