January 20, 2008

Is The Schedule A Factor?

The answer to the question is: probably a little bit. The question is, how much has taking a week off played a factor in Texas basketball's recent struggles? As you can see below, when Texas has played its best (Tennessee, UCLA, St. Mary's) it has had fewer days of rest (1, 4, 3 respectively). When Texas has played its worst (Wisconsin, Mizzou, Colorado) it has had a full week off each time. In the only other loss (Michigan State...4 days rest), one could make the argument that the Horns didn't play too poorly.

What does it all mean? Likely not very much. If the extra rest has had an effect on how the Horns have played, not having a week off the rest of the season will be a good thing. We're willing to admit that it might have played a small factor, but are hesitant to give it too much credit.

In the end we still remain confident that Texas will return to form and compete for the Big XII title (A&M losing helps). Next up: Stillwater on Big Monday where crazy things have been known to happen.

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