August 12, 2007

Predictions! College Football

It is our goal with these predictions to be so entirely accurate as to remove the fun of watching the season. We think we've done that. A few caveats before we get to the predictions. 1) We're homers, our predictions may reflect that, but we've tried to be somewhat objective. You'll probably think we've failed, but whatever. We didn't bother with the non-BCS schools, but feel free to leave your Rice over Southern Miss prediction in the comments. Finally, over the course of several posts we'll be predicting the NCAA regular season, then the national champion, then we'll delve into the NFL. So, without further ado...

Big XII -- Texas We're a Texas blog. A healthy Colt makes the Big XII a one horse race in our opinion...yeah, we made that awful pun on our first freaking prediction, sorry.

SEC -- LSU The Tigers return a healthy crew of starters on both sides of the ball from a team that many thought was the best in America by season's end in 2006. New QB Matt Flynn is battle-tested to the tune of a Peach Bowl rout over Miami in '05. They may lose an early matchup with the Champion Gators, but that won't hurt their chances in the SEC West. We like LSU in a rematch with Florida in Atlanta simply because it's really hard to beat a really good team twice. Plus, we're really hoping Matt Flynn plays well, just to keep Ryan Perriloux on the bench.

Big Ten -- Michigan We thought about picking OSU, just to see the response from our Michigan fan reader(s). Alas, we see Mike Hart and Chad Henne coming of age in a big way.

Pac 10 -- USC (41...38...)

ACC -- Virginia Tech Predicting a winner out of that one is harder than choosing a Mountain West winner, nevertheless Va Tech is the pick. They ought to be mighty good.

Big East -- South Florida This is one of those situations where one big upset could win the conference, since West Virginia is the only truly great team in the league. If it doesn't happen, we were wrong and no one will remember. If it does, we're awesome.

Next up, your national champion....


JBRATER said...

Oh ho ho... I'm so blown away to see that you've brazenly included South Florida in a list that otherwise includes only the top ranked team in each conference. Such a bold projection! How eerily reminiscent of High Fidelity:


Ok... I'm feeling kind of basic today. Top 5 side ones. Track ones. "Janie Jones," Clash, from The Clash.

Barry: Eh.

"Let's Get it On," Marvin Gaye, from "Let's Get it on." Nivanna, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" off of "Nevermind."

Barry :
Oh no Rob, that's not obvious enough, not at all... what about "Point of no return on "Point of no return?"

Rob: Shut up. "White Light, White Heat," Velvet Underground

Lewis: Yeah, that would be on my list.

Barry: Though not on mine.

Rob: And Massive Attack, "No Protection," the song is "Radiation Ruling the Nation."

Barry: Oh... kind of a new record... very nice Rob... a sly declaration of "New Classic" status slipped into a bunch of old safe ones... very p*ssy. Couldn't you be any more obvious than that, Rob? I don't know.. how about... The Beatles? How about Beethoven? Track One, Side One off the 5th Symphony? How can someone who has no interest in music own a record store?

WAO said...

Wow. You are one harsh dude. I think the world of politics is jading you.