August 30, 2007

It's Game Day (for someone, at least)! These are Bullet Points!

  • LSU and Mississippi State open the college football season tonight. We are so incredibly super pumped that it is officially Game Day for college football, and there will be many more such Game Days between now and the end of December. The over.
  • Let us all be careful not to let the fact that college football is beginning to make us lose sight of a spectacular MLB pennant race. This is the best sports time of the year, with the freshness and optimism of the beginning of the NCAA football season coupled with the excitement of the end of baseball. The Redbirds are, inconceivably, still alive in the NL Central while the Red Sox should cruise to the AL Eastern title--though 2 straight losses to the Yankees isn't good at all.
  • With that said: holy crap, it's football season! Here is a friendly, 40AS suggested list of things to Avoid and things to Seek Out this season:
  1. AVOID - ESPN predictions, they'll only make you mad. Plus, there are enough analysts predicting every stupid scenario and outcome possible that one is bound to piss you off.*
  2. SEEK OUT - Pam Ward's Big Ten game, if only to note which game she's calling and see if you can win the "Which Crappy Big Ten Game will Pam Ward be Calling?" game
  3. AVOID - Saturday night dinner plans
  4. SEEK OUT - VY highlights
  5. AVOID - Power rankings. They're silly
  6. SEEK OUT - The Oddsmakers' Top 25 poll
  7. AVOID - Tuscaloosa (Dreamland Ribs notwithstanding), Norman, Stillwater, Starkville (Lil' Dewey's BBQ notwithstanding), East Lansing, Ames, College Station, Lubbock, Syracuse, Morgantown, Waco
  8. SEEK OUT - Austin, Lawrence, Athens, Palo Alto, Auburn, Ann Arbor, Oxford, Knoxville, Eugene, Boulder, Chapel Hill, Tucson, State College, Madison, Seattle
  9. AVOID - Trying to figure out what's going on with Sirius and XM, and whether they'll ever merge to create a blissful college football listening experience. It will just drive you insane.
  10. SEEK OUT - Sweet highlight videos of defense on YouTube (see below)

*Note: We recognize that the existence of ESPN is, on the whole, a wonderful thing because it allows us to see so much more college football on live TV than people ever thought possible a mere 25 years ago. We also understand that it is very difficult to fill 24 hours of programming about sports without incessantly talking and making predictions about them.


Ben said...

M GO BLUE! (this guy is going to the oregon v. michigan game. first one ever for thyis guy at the big house. if you can't tell, i'm drunk. why you ask, because it's my birthday!~ oh and also, the cardinals rule. we won the world series, and that's awesome. by now, i'm clearly babling, but that's ok, because i'm ok because it's my bday and i'm drunk and this didn't happen...

WAO said...

happy birthday, good buddy!

lance said...

Glad you liked my video :)