September 1, 2007

Game Day For All!

Football is back with a vengeance. Odds are you're going to have a tough time finding the Texas game on TV. It's just Arkansas State, but it's also Texas football. Our suggestion if you really can't get the game: put on the 2006 Rose Bowl DVD and listen to Craig Way through Yahoo! online. In case you didn't see our BON Non-Conference Game of the Week, you can read it here. Not to toot our own horn, but our prediction was spot on. LSU won because it was, um, the better team, but the Tigers were sloppy before finally pulling away. This crappy offseason's final act of horror: Billy Pittman (who is hurt) was suspended for three games for shady use of a friends car.
If you can't get the Horns, at least enjoy Okie State - Georgia, Cal - Tenn, Auburn - K State, or Notre Dame - Georgia Tech. Real football is back for the next 4 months and none too soon.

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