September 4, 2007

Week One Top Ten

We don't have the greatest of attention spans, so to adequately evaluate 25 teams to the high level of professionalism to which we hold ourselves would be difficult to say the least. We think we can pay attention to ten teams though, so we're going to produce a weekly top ten list. In so doing, we hereby pledge that it is not enough simply to win; unlike most major national polls, we do not believe that you should be immune from dropping in the rankings simply because you "didn't do anything wrong." That's malarkey. This list will reflect which teams, in order, we believe to actually be the best at the time. USC tops our list for the first week because we'll give the national media the benefit of the doubt. Should they not belong there long, we'll drop them. So, without further ado:

1) USC-The defense--yes, the defense--is what makes this team, for now, the number one squad in the country.

2) LSU-Like SC, the Tigers' D makes them stand out above the rest. The offense is solid behind Matt Flynn, but their job is to be just that--solid. Don't turn it over, and take advantage of opportunities that the defense gives you. The O-Line remains a question mark.

3) West Virginia - This team is for real. Legitimately the best offense in the country, which is magnified by the fact that they don't play anybody with a decent defense. However, it's always difficult to avoid a letdown at some point in the season.

4) Wisconsin - They run the ball well, they play solid defense. They may not win a national title but should contend for the Big Ten championship and a berth in Pasadena.

5) Oklahoma - OU still sucks, but they sure looked good destroying an overmatched UNT team. You can officially call us concerned.

6) Florida - The defending champs go here until they prove that they belong higher or lower. They're very much an unknown quantity because of youth, but you know they have the athletes.

7) Michigan - Just Kidding.

7) Cal - Impressive in the win over Tennessee, and could be the biggest challenge all season for USC. That role will certainly not be filled by Notre Dame...

8) Texas - Probably too high for the Horns, but we are homers. TCU will go a long way toward making or breaking this season. Here's hoping for the former.

9) Louisville - Offensively very good. The Cardinals should provide an interesting race with West Virginia for number one in the Big East.

10) Virginia Tech - Sure didn't look good beating East Carolina, but neither did that team two spots up against Ark State. Week two in the Tigers' Den will decide whether or not this is a top ten team.

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