September 29, 2007

What We Learned -- Whatever Week This Is

We went to our first Red River Shootout in 2003. Texas took the kickoff, ran two unsuccesful plays, and then Chance Mock threw an interception inside the Texas 20. Texas lost 65-13.

As though the mind numbing margin of defeat weren't punishment enough for us, as Oklahoma racked up big play after big play on the Texas defense, one of our dates kept repeating "it's okay guys, it's okay!"

But, you know what?

She was right.

It is okay.

Here's why:

  • Oklahoma lost.
  • We could be seeing the beginning of the John Chiles era, although we feel 100% that Colt is still the man.
  • Vince. Young.
  • Tulane led LSU for just over a minute in the second quarter. It really was a beautiful moment for one of us.
  • Boston Red Sox: 2007 AL East champions.
  • It could still be the offseason.
  • We get the shock of losing our first game of the year now instead of next week. Should make next week go down easier, no?
  • Notre Dame is 0-5, that's always awesome.
  • One of us got the LSAT out of the way this morning, hopefully he did "Georgetown good."
  • At least Oklahoma lost.

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