September 1, 2007

Ann Arbor, We Have A Problem

Lloyd Carr's potentially final season in Ann Arbor is off to a great start, down 28-14 to Appalachian State with just over two minutes to go in the first half. For our money, we still think UM wins going away, but Appalachian State's QB is a perfect 7-7 for 129 yards and 3 tds. At the half, Va Tech struggling but up 10-7 thanks to a terrible pass by ECU.

UPDATE: 28-17 App St at the half...hope Arkie St isn't this tough.

UPDATE: 26 seconds left and Appy St up 34-32, for some reason JBrater isn't answering our one-rings.

FINAL UPDATE: FG blocked by Appy St, 34-32 final. We're a tad nervous for Arkie State now...Our question to you, is this the greatest upset in CFB history? If not, name a bigger. Anyhow, make sure to watch out for your depressed Michigan fan friends, they'll probably be posting here.

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Mary said...

The entry after the one you linked to...VY reference. I thought you should know :).