September 1, 2007

Bloggers Using "Hot Hot Hot" Are Hot Hot Hot

Our first game at DKR when we were freshmen was a 27-0 victory over North Texas. At the time we thought we were amazing, earning a shutout. Since then we've learned that beating UNT 27-0 is not very impressive, but at least Texas has dominated in the last few openers. Until yesterday. 21-13. Whether or not Texas has lost its swagger is a question for another day, but Texas has played four straight football games where it has the most talent and has not dominated one of them. Sure, Texas is clearly a better team than Arkansas State, and the game may not have really been in doubt after the first quarter, but still...
Yet, it could have been worse. Here's why:
  1. Most importantly, Texas is 1-0. Regardless of the score, Texas is still undefeated and can still win a title with 10 or so more victories. Moreover, neither of us saw the game, just adding to the list of really ugly games that we just didn't see. This team will go as far as Colt McCoy can take them. Last night he took them to 21 points. He can turn around next Saturday and put up 50 on TCU, and the lesson will be the same. Ths most concerning statistic for us is that Texas lost the time of possession battle. How that happens against Arkansas State is almost unthinkable to us.

  2. No major injuries that we know of.

  3. Jamaal Charles showed he can carry a big load, rushing for over 100 yards and getting 27 carries.

  4. A Red Sox rookie threw a no-hitter and the Cards won big. Any night where that happens can't be a total loss.

  5. Two words: Appalachian State

Fine! We'll tell you what the title means:

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