September 30, 2007

The Day After...

Did seeing Florida, OU, WVU, Rutgers, and Oregon lose ease your pain? Yea, didn't help us either. But, here's the good news: OU sucks. This week is designed around the irrationality of despising those toothless jerks to the north. This week is the reason we refused to stop for gas or snacks while driving through Oklahoma on the way to Fayettville in 2004.

Neither Texas nor OU is going to win a title this year, and in some ways that makes this game all the more interesting. Texas has won two straight, OU sucks. Some are beginning to question Mack again, Bob Stoops had to forfeit an entire seasons wins because he is a lying/cheating bastard. Colt McCoy needs to rebound from by far the worst game of his career, Sam Bradford allegedly likes to kick puppies and considers Mike Vick to be a personal hero.

So, for the remainder of the week, don't worry about the football aspect of a 4-1 Texas team playing a 4-1 OU team. Otherwise you'll lose sight of the fact that our football team may not be very good, but Oklahoma still sucks.


BWS said...

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Jay/Tigerbro said...

LSU's number one in the AP for the first time since 1959! This is a day for celebration. Remember your roots, Abram. Remember how kind LSU was to your fallen city last year, Jeff. All's well. We're going all the way, now! Shed the dead weight of a your fallen steer and grab hold of the vivacious fur of a pouncing tiger, about to rip out the throat of the inevitable Pac-10 champion and show the nation that SEC football is the truth. I say hooray for what happened this weekend. Also, the Jayhawks are 28th in the Coach's poll. Hooray!

JBRATER said...

What a crazy weekend, man. As for texas: ug. that game was brutal. My sympahties. I blame myself for watching the game with Jeff and rooting for texas, thus transforming them temporarily into michigan. With regard to colt, as far as I can tell, all the interceptions were deflected at the line. Does he have a low release, is he telegraphing his throws really badly, or was it just bad luck? That was weird.
At least you (abram) still have #1 LSU. And at least you didn't lose to appalachian state.

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