September 25, 2007

2006 Rose Bowl Redux: Horns Win Again

Last night's debacle--er, Saints-Titans game--featured a bunch of former Texas Longhorns, USC Trojans, and other guys from teams we are interested in. The well-known story along these lines was the rematch between Longhorn/Titan Vince Young and Trojan/Saint Reggie Bush. The first time they met was the 2006 Rose Bowl for the national championship. Needless to say, VY once again had a better game than Reggie. We were less happy about that this time, although we always like to see Vince succeed.

Also playing significant minutes in this ballgame was former USC running back and current Tennessee running back LenDale White, who in truth was SC's MVP in that Rose Bowl game. LenDale seems to have put on a few pounds since the 2005 season, but nonetheless ran for a touchdown in this "contest." The extra weight probably helped White last night, because while the Saints defense may not be big, at least they're slow. Of course, Horns fans' lasting memory of LenDale White will always be a warm and fuzzy one (go to the 3 and a half minute mark on the video. Or watch the whole thing.):

Former Longhorns Michael Griffin and Bo Scaife also wore Titans jerseys last night and played well, with TE Scaife catching passes from a familiar quarterback in Young. Finally, the game also had a Louisiana connection with LSU's Kevin Mawae suiting up in the trenches for Tennessee and former Tulane standout Roydell Williams catching a key 18-yard pass from VY on the Titan's early 4th-quarter scoring drive.


Adam said...

It's going to be very funny when this all said and done if the Saints end up as the real loser of the 2006 draft.

Reggie Bush Forever!

(Jeff - I suggest you start a campaign to convince Reggie to hand over his Heisman to Vince, thus reversing his karmic suckiness.)

JMA said...

We all know that the real mistake of the '06 draft isn't that the Texans took Mario over Reggie, it's that they took Mario over Vince.

BTW, just to be clear, both Abe and I have no affiliation with pre-April 2006 Reggie Bush. We still feel he stole VY's Heisman and would love to see him (and USC) punished for any violations he may have had while at USC.