September 28, 2007


Between 1973 and 1982, Tulane beat LSU 4 times, including a 31-28 victory at Tiger Stadium over #7 LSU in 1982. Roughly nine months later, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Asher gave birth to a beautiful 13 lbs, 0 oz baby boy, and Tulane has not beaten LSU since. This year, we both strongly believe the streak ends. Our prediction:
Tulane 21, LSU 10
Roll Wave!


lsutiger77 said...

Who is "we both"? surely the erstwhile "baby boy" and his near-senile father, and not the baby boy's co-blogger, who was raised to think much more clearly than this.

Hannah said...

i understand that "we both" was a shocking way for lsutiger77 to start his morning, but i believe the real issue here was not addressed.

jeff...tell me you were not 13 pounds at birth. my mom would like to add, "that's not a bounce...that's a thud" also she said she loves you.

JMA said...

It's true, Abram wrote this post. Sadly, I was a far more normal 8 lbs when I was born, but the '82 Tulane win and me being born in '83 are strangely connected.