September 5, 2007

A Post Especially for Our Bro in Spain

Note: The following bullet points are directed at football-deprived study abroad student Jonny Orlansky, who is in Spain for the semester and thus cannot watch college football or any other major American sport. Everyone is welcome to read them, though.

  • The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, largely using smoke and mirrors, are somehow still very much in the thick of the NL Central race. Scott Rolen is out for the season. Juan Encarnacion is out for the season, and his career might be over because of a freak accident in the on-deck circle. Pitchers Mark Mulder and Mike Maroth return this week, but there's no telling how effective either of them will be. But the good news there is that they should bump Kip Wells and Anthony Reyes--both of whom have been erratic at best, sabotage artists at worst--from the rotation. Meanwhile, The Cubbies have lost a couple to the Dodgers, and now the Cards are but a game back going into Wednesday's games(albeit still in third place, half a game behind Milwaukee). This is going to be awfully interesting down the stretch.
  • ESPN College Gameday is reporting from Baton Rouge this weekend. This is the second straight Va Tech game they will have been on-location for. 12-year-old Joshua Posner of Baton Rouge is likely to drag his mother to the LSU Parade Grounds at 9:30 AM for the show, despite an 8:15 PM kickoff.
  • Kansas scored a bunch of points against Central Michigan. Central Michigan is really bad. There will be no excuse for the Jayhawks to enter Big XII play with anything less than a 4-0 record, with Southeastern Louisiana, Toledo, and the worst team in D-IA (Florida International) rounding out the pre-conference schedule. Pathetic.
  • You wanted App State vs Michigan highlights. Here are App State vs Michigan highlights:

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