September 15, 2007

Texas 35, UCF 32

This here is an excuse post. This post will feature nothing but reasons to tell yourself that there's nothing wrong with Texas 35, UCF 32. So, without further ado, here we go:
  • You don't just walk into Bright House Networks Stadium and come away with an easy win. As a matter of fact, UCF has NEVER lost in BHN Stadium before today! The facts clearly and unambigously show that it's a tough place to play.

  • We haven't played Oklahoma yet. Take advantage of every week where we don't play them.

  • Texas was without Limas Sweed. Just keep saying that until it makes you feel better.

  • UCF is D-I, and D-I teams are tough.

  • You got 4 hours of Texas football, we'd have killed for that much football a month ago.

  • Texas didn't catch a single break until late in the 4th quarter. Not one. We reviewed the game film, Texas didn't catch a break. One break would have made this a blowout.

  • We play in the Big XII, we don't have to play more than one really elite team.

  • Any day that you get 4 hours to look at Jeannine Edwards on the sideline must be a good day.

  • Ohio State won a national championship in 2002 playing like this.

  • Boston 10, New York 1.

  • Remember on January 5, 2005 when you said you'd gladly lose to UCF as payment for 41-38? Well...TADA...You may still owe Rumpelstiltskin at some point, we're looking into that.

  • We could be cheering for Notre Dame.

  • Remember, Colt McCoy is still young. He's going to continue growing up and should be a better quarterback by the end of the year than he is now.

  • Finally, just watch this and go about spinning that straw into gold:

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