September 23, 2007

Uninspired Saints Turn To David Eckstein

If you've never read, you're missing out big time. Anyhow, we like the Cardinals and we like the Saints, so this piece of satire made us laugh twice as hard.
“I’m not worried about the fact that he can’t play football,” said running back Deuce McAllister. “We don’t need another person to run, catch, and tackle. We need someone who can show us how to be unselfish, overcome adversity, and compensate for our lack of talent with sheer guts and determination. Just talking about the guy is making me feel gritty. I want to go lay down a bunt. I want to make a diving catch. I want to hit a bunch of foul balls! Dammit, why did God have to make me so strong and talented? I hate myself. I have no heart. Only tiny little white guys with below average talent have hearts.”

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