September 6, 2007


Over on Burnt Orange Nation today, we have posted the second edition of our in-season weekly article, "The 40AS Non-Conference Game of the Week." Check it out if you've got time.


ben said...

i think that hoosiers and the natural are also perfectly acceptable movies to cry during. that said, the penn state/notre dame game is going to be awesome, because penn state is going to give them an old school ass-whipping.

David said...

Predictions/hopes for Penn State-Notre Dame:

1. Jimmy Clausen's spiked hair gets tangled in a drainage grate before the game.

2. Charlie Weis does something fat.

3. Notre Dame accomplishes the unthinkable and puts up the first negative score in college football history.

Score: PSU 31, ND -4 (off of two double-secret probation reverse safeties)