September 8, 2007

Running Diary, Penn State-Notre Dame. Part III

Saturday, September 8

Good Morning Happy Valley and the world beyond! It's 11:14 EST and it's still pretty quiet outside. My roommates were all asleep when I woke up, one of them passed out on top of her bed in what I am assuming is the attire she donned for a "rubics cube" party last night. Everyone wears different colors on a rubics cube and throughout the night trade clothes till you're all one color. She didn't make it. Orange shirt, red silk boxers, and tie-dyed blue tube socks. Hot.*

Here is something for you to ponder as you roll out of bed, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and watch bleary images of Lee Corso screaming, "not so fast, my friend" this morning: why does Jimmy Clausen look so much like an emu (see below)? Oh-and a tool, I forgot that part.

I'm venturing downtown soon and then's gameday, bitches!

Also...chance of thunderstorms today...could the Whiteout scheduled turn into a wet t-shirt contest? Could the usual crazy drunk mob scene turn even crazier and mobbier and drunker and see-through?? We can only hope...


*I could have this Rubics Cube Party thing backwards; it's possible that she wore an outfit all the same color and her goal was to end up with different colors on. If so, mazel tov!

Jimmy the Tool/Emu and an actual Emu. Cousins?

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ben said...

hannah, this is fucking great. i wish i had gotten to it over the weekend, but better late than never. big ups to jeff and abram for letting you hijack the blog for a few days.