August 29, 2007

Two Years...

We write almost exclusively about sports, but this post is not about sports. Today is August 29th, and it has been exactly two years since Hurricane Katrina. If you read our blog regularly you probably know how much this event has affected both of our lives.

If this post is the only time you think about Katrina today, that'll be okay with us. Today is not the day for us to discuss sports, not even their healing effect in times of disaster. Rather today is a day to remember a storm which took over 1800 lives, destroyed over 300,000 homes and had a lasting impact on millions of Americans throughout the Gulf Coast.

Both of us consider those that have returned to rebuild their old lives to be our heroes. To quote famed New Orleans Times Picayune writer Chris Rose:

We stay. We raise our houses and we raze our houses and we get up and go to
work -- the lucky ones -- because this is home and no word has a stronger
allegiance in the English language.
Somewhat ironically Rose's article is inspired by a home on Louisville Street, the street where Jeff first lived. We hope that at some point today you remember it for what it means to all of those effected by Katrina.

-Jeff and Abram

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