August 5, 2007

Punishment Handed Down

Kindle and Melton out for the first three games of the year for DWI, at least according to a Mack Brown press conference today that we admittedly did not see. We'll have more later as the situation warrants, but we think it's a good punishment (if not a bit on the light side).

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Jay said...

Are you crazy? Being held out against Arkansas State, TCU, and UCF constitutes a "very, very strong message" to which "the large majority are listening." Or are you questioning Mack's integrity?

By the way, what is a large majority of the football team? 50/80 players? Or is it merely 51% of the team, who happen to be large?

And what is the message exactly? Be sure to commit your crimes while you're still at UT because they're a lot less tolerant in the NFL?