August 21, 2007

Stuff for Pondering

  • Ten more days until Texas football (and 8 until NCAA football) begins. We like our chances against Arkansas State, and the real question is: where can we watch it? Much like preseason NFL football, we're just hoping for no injuries.

  • A really fantastic article on Michael Vick from The Times-Picayune's John DeShazier, closing with:

    "There is much to be angry with Vick for, much to be disappointed in.
    But Monday, a feeling of sadness prevailed.
    You hate to see a man commit the kind of turnover Vick has committed, mourn to think of him tossing away a career that was so promising and, potentially, forever staining his life by making himself almost untouchable."

  • Kevin Durant was cut from the Olympic qualifying team earlier this week. We love America, one of us even works for the government, but it's moves like this that have caused America's image to slip in the world. Hopefully they'll fix their mistake for the olympic team.
  • The Cardinals heard our whining and delivered last night, albeit with 4 unearned runs to complete a comeback 5-2 win over the Marlins. Hanley Ramirez's error that allowed the damage--a throw over the first baseman's head that can only be described as lazy in the extreme--served as a great lesson for youngsters playing infield: the man's not out until he's out. Ramirez cost his team the ballgame by lobbing the ball to first instead of setting himself and making a good throw. Shameful.

  • Finally, The Times-Picayune published a cool piece on Adam Kraus who one of us grew up with. It's worth a read.

This many more days 'til Longhorn Football!

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