February 6, 2008


Darrell Scott has chosen Colorado over the Longhorns. Some posters over at BON are suggesting that all reports from the last two weeks that he was leaning Texas were, in fact, true--but that his mother stepped in over the last few days and essentially insisted that he go to Colorado. Whether that story is legitimate or not, we're unlikely to ever know--and it doesn't really matter. As we stated yesterday, there will be no ill will toward him or CU from these parts--we wish Scott success in Boulder whenever he plays against Not Texas. He seems like a great kid with a bright future.

But man...this hurts. Scott seems to be the kind of immediate difference-maker who would, at the very least, have pushed Vondrell McGee to improve into a feature back through competition. Now it will be up to the coaching staff to motivate McGee on their own (albeit with a little help from redshirt freshman Fozzy Whittaker)--specifically, it will be up to new RB coach Major Applewhite. A very early test in his glorious return to Texas.

In 2007, Vondrell showed several signs that he has the tools to be a very solid running back for the Horns. The question now is: can he use those tools consistently enough to keep the running game at a high level next season? If not, it will be a long year. If so, bring on oklahoma--who, by the way, is loaded.

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greg said...

Please do not look at Darrell Scott's facebook wall. Sam Lee wrote something on it.