February 11, 2008

VY Improves To 33-2!

With Vince Young in attendance, Texas scored its third win over a top ten team on Monday defeating Kansas 72-69. A loss would have been okay, but the win could bump Texas back into the "this could be a Final Four season" category. Texas moves to within a half-game of Kansas State for the Big XII lead and could have regained its mojo that has been gone since UCLA. More on this later, but for now enjoy possibly the biggest win of the season.

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Benji said...

Let the record reflect that in today's "Bracketology" on ESPN.com, Tennessee and Kansas are 1 seeds and UCLA is a 2. The way that the Horns played last night (and against those other two teams for that matter), there really is no ceiling for the Big Dance. I don't see us repeating against KU in the Big XII tourney, but a good showing could give us enough Mo going into the NCAA tourney to make some serious noise.