February 5, 2008

On Darrell Scott...

Based on this BON diary, the collective wisdom of third-hand internet sources seems to be pointing that Scott is leaning toward Colorado now. Without reading every internet rumor out there, the summary of the rumors are this:

  • Everybody has a source with some sort of access to somebody associated with Darrell Scott
  • Darrell Scott may go to Texas because he loves Mack's program
  • Darrell Scott may go to Colorado because he wants to be closer to his family ties

None of this is new information. As a matter of fact, Orangebloods ($) has done an entire series of posts today with tantalizing headlines that essentially sum up the fact that unnamed sources don't really know where Darrell will committ tomorrow. The collective lean of sources over the internet at present seem to make us think that he is headed to Colorado. We won't be surprised if that happens.

Here is what we KNOW:

  • There may not be anybody on this planet that knows where Darrell Scott is headed
  • The chance still exists that he has not made up his mind yet
  • There is only one source on this planet that matters as far as this is concerned
  • That source has not said a word in weeks

Darrell Scott has been true to his word, he said that he would announce on signing day and has not wavered. He has not played games, he has not been duplicitous, and for that we will hold no ill-will against him should he choose Colorado. He has been so far the anti-Perriloux/Tellus that it is not even funny.

If you go back three weeks and compare what we knew then and what we know now you would realize that we have learned very little in the last three weeks. This morning if one were to follow the internet rumors then one would favor Texas, this evening things seem to favor Colorado.

With all the internet chatter, it seems to us that all the ears on the ground are hearing new things not because new information exists, but because there are lots of new ears on the ground. In the absence of any proof, we'll simply wait with anticipation for tomorrow to get here.

Oh, and Darrell, in case you're reading this...do you really want this man to be your head coach?

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