February 18, 2008

Texas-aggy Live Blog, Part II

2nd Half:
20:00 -- Digger Phelps continues to make wardrobe and "analysis" decisions that make us wonder why the person who keeps him on the air hasn't been fired.

19:00 -- On the first possession Damion got mugged with no call, then on the other end aggy gets a ticky tack call (albeit after Texas allows a ridiculous offensive board). Then they called an offensive foul on aggy. Oy.

18:21 -- Connor almost gets the steal, then delivers the Horns' 9th block of the night. This is huge to see Texas doing well down on the glass.

17:50 -- Great possession--a missed trey, an enormous number of missed layups, then a much higher-percentage shot; namely, an AJ Abrams 3. It's clicking tonight.

17:10 -- Aggy nails a 3, but it's their first of the evening.

16:41 -- Aggy saved the ball inbounds and Connor got it in the backcourt, and the refs tried to call it over-and-back. But then they corrected it. They're still stupid. Damion gets a nice easy bucket to put Texas up by 23, 44-21.

15:43 -- It's the under 16 and Texas is up 44-23. Ron tells us that AJ Abrams is one 3 pointer away from tying the Texas record. Good for him.

14:23 -- A quick shout out to Ally Pregulman who saved Texas against Baylor by putting her Horns up on free throws at the end of the game. Some strange officiating now, very tight at times and extremely loose at others. A pair of Aggy buckets sandwiched around a Texas turnover brings the farmers within 19. Connor gets another block...Peter Bean might have something to this whole Connor is a good shot blocker theory.

13:24 -- A big three by Justin Mason puts the Horns up 24. Meanwhile, as Ron Franklin tells us that Kevin Durant spent the weekend with the team, 40AS player relations coordinator Greg Kelminson tells us that Kevin Durant's screen name away message is "Chilled with my brothers...I love yall til I die man...get this dub 2night man...Texas Fight." We've scooped ESPN once again.

11:27 -- All five Longhorn starters have a three, and Basher Chapman with 2 fouls in six good minutes. We're to the under 12, 53-31 Horns. A&M with 49 points in their last 50 minutes of basketball.

10:14 -- Justin Mason called for a foul, lord knows what for. These officials officially suck, although they seem to be sucking both ways.

9:30 -- Gary Johnson is that guy who wears short shorts, a tight t-shirt, and goggles to a pickup basketball game then plays with more energy and enthusiasm than you've ever seen. He's obnoxious on the other team but great to have on yours. Just a fantastic looking young player. Texas with its largest lead of the night up 58-33.

8:06 -- Great play by Sloan to force the turnover, but couldn't score. Gary Johnson knocks down the jumper and it's 60-35. DJ has 19 points and 7 assists for the night.

7:40-- Fran Fraschilla blames the NCAA for dredging up the Kelvin Sampson issue during the season instead of waiting until after. Because he "feels bad for the kids" whom he recruited illegally. Please. Slime is slime, no matter what time of year.

6:34-- We both find it interesting that, against such a physical (read: largely unskilled but very large) team as a&m, Texas has shot single-digit free throws. And Damion James just picked up his 4th foul. Gary Johnson delivers another 2 points and then plays great D out near midcourt as part of a double-team to force aggy to take a T.O., baby!

5:59-- Sexy Dexy launches such an awful airball from 3 feet away that Justin Mason turns it into a "swinging bunt" of an alley-oop. It's been that kind of a night for Texas. This may be cruel, but we want a 30 point win.

5:25-- Fraschilla just said Justin Mason is this team's Royal Ivey. We said that yesterday.

4:30-- Damion still fighting hard for rebounds up by 25 and with 4 fouls. Awesome.

4:00-- Both of us are wondering when the last time the Horns absolutely destroyed an opponent was. We think it was St. Mary's. This is a lot better for our blood pressure (blood pressures?) than the type of games we've been seeing lately.

3:02-- Texas is showing that they know how to be front-runners; they are breaking the futile a&m press with the pass, and using most of the shot clock afterwards. Meanwhile DJ has just gone to 1,000 points in his TWO-YEAR Texas career. He's good.

2:40-- Both of us have to work in the morning and would appreciate it if the Sheeplovers would quit fouling. 1,001 for DJ.

1:30-- It looks like we may be disappointed in our quest for a 30-point win. Alexis Wangmene and other benchies are in there. We hope and believe that Wangmene will be a good one by the time he leaves the 40 acres. And as if on cue, he rattles one home.

:00-- Ricky B calls off the dogs and Texas has a 77-50 win. If you're gonna get blown out once and blow the aggies out the other time, Texs did it right. It's better to win the late-season game than the early-season game. All in all, this was a relaxing and enjoyable game to watch as the Horns led from end-to-end and it was never really close. The Longhorns are on a roll now, and now have to be a serious threat for a one- or a two-seed in the Big Dance.

This is getting fun.

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