February 1, 2008

Ranking The RB Seasons -- #8

#8--Hodges Mitchell, 2000
Stats: 11 games, 224 carries for 1118 yards (5.0 ypc) and 8 tds.

The season: Micah Hart once described the fans reaction to Hodges Mitchell as pretty much being pissed off that he wasn't Ricky. That pretty much sums up everything we know about Mitchell's two years. 2000 was the last time Texas finished with under 10 wins in Mack's tenure. It included a loss at Stanford, a bowl loss to a solid Oregon team, and the first time OU would hang 60+ on Texas.

The ranking: Hodges Mitchell's two years represented a transition period for Texas as the Horns went from Ricky to Roy. 2000 was the weaker of Hodges' rather unremarkable tenure as the starting running back. Monster games against Tech and KU (229 & 264 yards respectively) seem to be outliers, placing Hodges 2000 campaign #8 on our list.

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