December 2, 2007

#8 Texas 63, #2 UCLA 61

Thus ends the weekend. What a win! DJ Augustin was the best player on the court, Damion James was the player we all hoped he would become, Justin Mason made some plays, AJ Abrams hit a couple of big shots, and Connor Atchley(!) hit the biggest shot of the season to tie the game up at 61. When (we hear it's when, not if) this team gets Gary Johnson, the Horns could become scary good. #2 UCLA was the highest ranked team Texas has ever beaten in a true road game and is the second top ten team to feel the wrath of Barnes. It'll be interesting to see where the Horns, with the best resume in the nation, are ranked this week.

Texas returns to action on Wednesday against North Texas in Austin before meeting Rice in Houston on Saturday.


Adam said...

Not to take anything away from "the best player on the court," but his drive kinda toward the basket area and toss up a ridiculous shot with 10 seconds left even though we coulda had the final shot was as bad as it gets for a clutch time play. He got his ass saved by James, else UCLA gets the board and streaks down for the winning layup. Just sayin...

Also, as far as my two cents on this college football business, I could really care less, because come January 8th the defending undefeated national champions will still be the one and only Texas Longhorns.

Benji said...

How was this for a strange sensation: Crunch time, team down by 3, iso screen for an open CONNOR ATCHLEY and I'm thinking, "Yes! Throw it up Connor!" as opposed to "Oh god oh god oh god."

Do we get to add an extra player to the roster now that we freed up the space taken up by Bad Connor?

Also, much props should be given to Barnes for cracking the tenacious Ben Howland D, something that neither Bill Self nor John Brady could figure out.

In addition, it's easier on all of us to pretend that that alley oop with 6 seconds left was intentional.

JMA said...

Benji is entirely first thought when Connor thought it was "Put it up!" Barnes should win coach of the year just for turning Connor into a basketball player. Now I'm off to rewatch the game.

Jaybro said...

John Brady sucks. Watching basketball seems like fun. KU is doing well, I hear. This is making me homesick.