December 2, 2007

Choose Your Own Adventure: Saints Style

You're up by three points. There is 3:36 left in the game and your opponent only has one timeout left. You have the ball at midfield. Second and ten. You have all the momentum, are averaging 8 yards per pass attempt, and 4 yards per rush attempt. Do you:

A) Run the ball up the middle twice, hoping to get a first but knowing that you can pin the opponent deep in their territory late

B) Run it once and throw it once, hoping to run a little time off the clock but thinking you've got a good chance to pick up the first down and end the game

C) Throw it twice, knowing that you have a smart quarterback and a good chance to pick up the game and the win

D) Run a shotgun draw, reverse pitch the wide receiver involving two players with sketchy hands and a penchant for coughing it up.

Yea, we'd do option D too. At least you've gotta give credit to Sean Payton...for admitting that this was the worst game he's called as the Saints coach. Actually, that's pretty much all I wanted to hear.

In other news, BCS is about to be announced, the guess is LSU vs. Ohio State, Texas is Holiday Bowl bound, and the Horns are about to square off in basketball against UCLA in a huge early season test. Should be fun.


JBRATER said...

Holy consolation prize, batman!

I'm not saying Michigan is going to beat the Tebows, but know this: y'all will never hear the end of it if they do.

WAO said...

We're not Florida fans. We don't even like Florida.

Also, you can't beat them.

JMA said...

What's Michigan's track record with running QBs?

JBRATER said...

obviously Michigan is a big dog in this one... but SEC teams don't usually give Michigan that much trouble. UM mostly just sucks against the Pac-Ten and SoCon teams... a mediocre SEC school is beatable. I could see this one being a lot like the Texas-Michigan Rose Bowl, where Michigan dominates most phases of the game but Tebow is just too much. Keep in mind that Michigan's offense is actually sometimes kinda good with Henne and Hart healthy.