December 3, 2007

Some More Points

A few thoughts from the world of sports:
  • Pats in another tight game that they'll probably end up winning. That's two straight games that the Pats haven't looked like world beaters. Like I said earlier, going 0-16 (Dolphins) is harder than going undefeated (Dolphins).
  • John Clayton called 'The Play' the worst call he's seen in 30 years. Still too painful to read, but it's ironic that the Saints scored a TD on that same play on the Monday Nighter last year (if you don't know what I'm referring to you aren't a Saints fan). Yep. That's right. I've never seen a call like that before. It was just as bad as Tim Couch's hailmary for the Browns first win in 1999, the missed XP after the miraculous TD against the Jags in 2003, and the Vikings fumbling the snap on a two-point conversion and still running it for the winning score in 2002.
  • It wasn't exactly Texas ruining OU's Senior Day in 2003 (Hollis Price's only home loss), but we're 24 hours later and the win over UCLA seems like the biggest regular season win since that game.
  • The Michigan State game in less than three weeks could be the third game against a top ten team this season.
  • Damion James won Big XII Player of the Week this week, the second straight for a Longhorn.
  • Finally, Michigan lost to Harvard, (insert obligatory Appy State joke here). The best part of the whole story: Harvard is coached by Tommy Amaker who was fired by Michigan in March.


JBRATER said...

That Michigan loss was crazy!

Check out the post game celebration:

WAO said...


Responding to my sophomoric comment about opinions being all yours while I´m in Spain by changing 'we' to 'I?' Nice touch. Touche, friend. Touche.

Benji said...

Wow! Look at those Harvard guys going crazy!

Seriously, Jonny N, don't be too broken up about two embarrassing Michigan losses in a four-month span. Your school has a proud history in all sports, as evidenced by this clip from your most recent national championship in basketball:

Jaybro said...

Nice burns, both, but I'm gonna go with Jonny Namesake, simply because his youtube clip was put up by "fatty4ksu." Still, great work, both you guys.