November 27, 2007

Nice Season, Ricky

Well folks, it's just you and me. One of us is away in Spain for the next few weeks, so as far as content and editorial control goes, it's just me. Obviously the end of November/start of December is a hotbed of sports news and I'll be reporting on all of it, so long as it isn't depressing (we didn't start this blog to make ourselves sad). Where to begin?
  • Like Roger Dorn in Major League II, Ricky Williams had a nice comeback last night with Pittsburgh. 6 carries for 15 yards and one season ending injury was his line, thus ending his comeback attempt for one more year.
  • Texas basketball still isn't depressing...yet.
  • Les Miles yesterday gave us this gem of a quote which really shows his genius. Les says:
    "This team has not lost a game in regulation. I know it does not mean much to you guys (media.) The point is, in a 60 minutes game, we play as competitive as we can be. There is not a team that we have played that has bested us in the first 60 minutes. If you had to look at the length and width of the game, that is how it is measured. Then you go to overtime, and I think our overtime system is just as flawed as any other overtime system. It’s just the way it is and it is probably correct. You have to decide it then where it takes the length of the field and certain situations out of it. It is imperfect, but a darn good system. You tell me if there are other teams in this country that can say that. If you just give us ties, like in the old system, we are undefeated with two ties. Maybe that adds up as one lost."
  • To summarize the above quote, LSU is undefeated, the overtime system sucks, the overtime system is a good system, LSU should have two ties, LSU should have one loss. We'll be sorry when he's in Michigan.

Finally, if only this were Ed Hockuley...

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