November 17, 2007

Some Random Musings

  • One sign the Hornets may be good this season as compared to last (7-2 to start this year, 8-3 to start last year) is margin of victory. Last year's 8 wins: 5.38, this year's 7 wins: 13.58. Last year the Hornets won 12 of 38 wins by double digits, but this year they've won 5 of 7 by double digits. Just saying...
  • To set the entire A-rod record straight, here is how things have gone down for him since the season ended. A-rod (or Scott Boras, whatever) declared free agency during game four of the World Series. Then A-rod (or Scott Boras, whatever) asked the Yankees for $350 million which was kind of like when Homer demands $100 billion from the Tobacco company for his Tomacco plant. Then A-rod goes back to the Yankees when it's clear that nobody really wants him and signs for $275 million. And that is why the Yankees are still the only Yankees no matter what Jbrater says.
  • Along those lines, reason #842 to hate A-rod is that he stays while Torre gets the boot.
  • With A-rod going back to the Yankees the question would have become: do we cheer for Alex Rodriguez the Yankee to beat Barry Bonds? Thanks go out to the Feds for solving that question. Bonds goes to prison, the record (rightly or wrongly) probably gets wiped off the books, and we can go along with hating A-rod for being the bastard that he is. Barry Bonds looks bad, A-rod looks bad, Scott Boras looks bad, and the Red Sox are World Series champs...awesome.
  • Speaking of awesome.

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No thoughts yet on "OU Sucks in Lubbock 2007" yet? Surprising.