November 18, 2007

This Week's Top Ten

Texas wins the Big XII South regardless of the A&M game should the Pokes beat the Sooners. Sweet. The only way the OU loss could have been better is if it was the Horns winning (or Baylor, that would rock too).

  1. KU -- Jaybro, just so you know, we considered dropping them to know...just to show you we can. But in all reality, the idea that Kansas would not be number one in anybody's poll right now is just ridiculous. The fact is, up to now they are undefeated in a BCS conference--one which, by the way, has 4 teams in the BCS top ten. Being number 1 right now really means very little; it only matters who's 1 and 2 on Dec. 3. That said, KU may finish out with a loss next week and get hosed out of an at-large BCS bid (in likely thanks to Texas), but they certainly deserve to be tops in a poll that matters (read: not this one) for at least a week. For our part, we see no reason not to think Kansas legitimately is the best team in America. Great QB play, solid O-Line, a great secondary, and linebackers that won't knock your head off but who play the position very intelligently. We say the Hawks will beat Mizzou next week and then win the Big XII Championship (note: should Texas sneak into championship game, this pick is subject to change).

  2. LSU -- A decidedly lackluster performance in the defensive and kick-coverage areas of the Ole Miss game still produced a comfortable win for the Tigers. The question remains: will we see the LSU team we saw against Va. Tech again? That team was the absolute best squad in the country, hands-down. But LSU has not strung together a truly great performance since then, and they will need to return to form if they want to beat a talented Arkansas team playing for its coach and then either the Other UT or UGA on Dec. 2. Wins in the next two weeks do appear to have LSU in almost guaranteed Championship Game position.

  3. Mizzou -- The Other Tigers are good. It seems to us, however, that Chase Daniel is a lot like Dennis Dixon and Sam Bradford--a compliment to be sure, but also a liability. If Daniel goes down, it is unlikely that Missouri will be able to generate anything offensively. He is not the only weapon, but he's the one who makes the rest of the offense effective. So, as long as he stays healthy, that showdown with the Jayhawks in KC next weekend will be an absolute classic. By the way, Jaybro: now that Missouri is relevant, are you learning to hate them yet?

  4. WVU -- Pat White, Pat White, Pat White. Pat White. The Moutaineers may be the last team LSU wants to see in the national championship game simply because of the mobile QB factor. Even the disappointing Ole Miss quarterback Brent Schaeffer (sp?) made the LSU defense look silly a few times simply by being able to scramble.

  5. Ohio State -- With UO and OU both losing, Ohio State is suddenly back into the realm of "we could conceivably be in the championship game!" But tOSU could suffer for the simple fact that it plays in the Big Ten (jbrater, let us explain before you get all defensive). Much like last year's Michigan team, Ohio State will not have played for 2 weeks the day after conference championship games. Out of sight=out of mind for voters. The other issue is that 12-1 is inherently more impressive than 11-1. So, we aren't saying that they'll be hurt by their conference because it's inferior; we're saying they'll be hurt because of the conference's scheduling policies. Of course, it's possible that these same liabilities could turn into advantages: if LSU and KU/Mizzou both lose in their conference championship games, the Buckeyes will be thrilled that they didn't have to play in one.

  6. Arizona State -- Meh.

  7. UGA -- The Dawgs are in a similar position to that of last year's LSU team: they appear to be playing about as well as anyone out there right now, but they may have hit their stride a bit too late to make noise in the conference. LSU fans are praying that Tennessee can hang on and beat Kentucky next weekend, because playing a hot Georgia team in Atlanta is not the Tigers' idea of a fun obstacle on the way to the Superdome.

  8. Texas -- WOOOO! Say what you will about the 'Horns' season--they're a 2-loss club on a 6-game winning streak. After what looked to be a disastrous season, it looks like Texas is bound for the Cotton Bowl at worst, Sugar Bowl at best. That is, as long as they can bring an end to the Land of Frantasia in an appropriate manner the day after Turkey. This is a recovery that shows character, and the youth in burnt orange is enough to have all of us really excited for 2008.

  9. Va. Tech -- The Hokies are right where they belong in the 9 slot. They have taken care of all the teams they were supposed to beat, and their 2 losses have both come at the hands of the team ranked number 2 in the country at the time (LSU and then Boston College). Va Tech also should have beaten BC, and in their effort exposed several of the Eagles' weaknesses that have since been exploited by 3 opponents in a row (2 losses for BC and a blown opportunity by Clemson). Va Tech is a not a national title type of team, but they are certainly the class of the ACC. You know Beamer's boys will be fighting hard to beat cross-state rival UVA next week so they can get another shot at Boston College in the conference championship game.

  10. OU -- How can Texas be ahead of OU? Well, we're a Texas blog, so OU sucks. At least when Mack Brown loses he doesn't have a "I'm getting screwed, whom can I blame for this loss?" look on his face. Stupid Stoops.


Ben said...

Go Mizzou!!! Kansas sucks.

Adam said...

Careful what you wish for guys. This is starting to seem eerily similar to last season. And we all know how that turned out (i.e. with OU as the butt of one of the most embarrassing bowl losses ever). Plus, it could have the added effect of knocking a Big 12 team out of the title game in favor of Ohio St. Gross.

Jaybro said...

You suck!

WAO said...

It's looking like that would be West Virginia rather than Ohio State, Adam; but I agree that if it went down that way...ew.