November 3, 2007

Texas To Play Four 4th Quarters Against Texas Tech

We literally have NO idea what to say. Honestly, we're just really happy the Horns won. Navy won, so we figured that Texas losing was the price to pay. It was ugly, but when has it not been against Oklahoma State in the last six years (answer: last year)? Texas got the 'w', and if it gets two more wins it may get to a BCS bowl. By no means is this Texas team a good one, but at 8-2 it certainly isn't a bad one either. It is simply an exciting but deeply flawed football team that holds a lot of potential for the future. In the mean time, enjoy Texas's drive chart for the 4th quarter this week.

1 comment:

JBRATER said...

3 for 3 with 3 great comebacks. Good day fellas. Geaux blue hook'em. or something like that.