November 28, 2007

Today's Random Points

A few random things today in the world of sports...
  • We both agree that Les Miles is likely good as gone. Poor LSU fans have to go through hating a former savior again and just as soon as Ryan Perriloux is gone the one of us that's a Tulane fan can start cheering for LSU. WWLTV in New Orleans is reporting that Michigan has gotten permission to talk with Miles after the SEC championship. So long, Les.
  • In our opinion Jacoby Ellsbury would be too much to give up to have the best starting rotation in MLB, although...damn that's a nice thought.
  • Texas basketball is now 6-0 after beating Texas Southern 98-61. Damion James and DJ Augustin had great games for the Horns. Texas has now beaten each of its opponents by 15 or more points, accomplishing that feat for the first time since the 1915-1916 season (no crap, that's what Craig Way said). The Horns have the biggest test of the season on Sunday at 8 ET against #1 UCLA.
  • Finally, ABC...what the hell is this? Just let the starting safety name the lineup or have Cartman drop the f-bomb.


JBRATER said...
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JBRATER said...

The media's treatment of this Miles thing has been utterly reprhensible. They announced that Miles was leaving for Michigan without any substantiated evidence, and now they are now announcing that Miles is staying at LSU without any substantiated evidence. It remains unclear whether this matter has been decided... they are overreacting to everything, and continuing to publish without verification. This type of haphazard reporting is damaging to Michigan, LSU, and Miles, and all these reporters ought to be ashamed of themselves.

JMA said...

Agreed. I'll wait until sometime in March to be content that Les will stay at LSU this year. My money's still on him going to Michigan, for what it's worth.