November 13, 2007

Top Ten

KU loses to Mizzou and OU, LSU loses to UGA, Oregon loses to UCLA, OU loses to Tech, WVU loses to Cincy, Mizzou loses to KSU, OSU loses to Michigan, Arizona State loses to USC. Anybody else feeling a UGA-Texas championship game? Anyhow, here's how things shaped up this week:

  1. KU -- Before Jaybro pipes in, we had decided to move KU to #1 on Saturday night. The rationale is simple: going undefeated is hard, that's why so few teams do it. This season there is only one school from a BCS conference that has not lost. Until it loses that team will occupy our #1 spot, then all bets are off. The cupcakes clearly did serve their purpose.
  2. LSU -- If/when KU loses, things are going to get interesting. Ole Miss generally plays LSU close, and Arkansas will not be a pushover for a Tigers team that hasn't always played up to potential. Our guess, however, is that the biggest challenge to playing in New Orleans for the Tigers will be Georgia in the Georgia Dome. Did anybody else find it funny that Les Miles quoted Bo Schembechler when denying an interest in the Michigan job?
  3. Oregon -- Not far behind LSU, especially if they win out. Has a potential Heisman winner ever received so little fanfare? That's what you get for playing at a non-USC West Coast school.
  4. OU -- Remember last year when OU got screwed by the officials at Oregon? We know we'll laugh when the national title game is LSU vs. Oregon. Plus, OU sucks.
  5. WVU -- The team nobody is talking about, but we wouldn't want to face the Mountaineers in the championship game. At #6 in the BCS, however, WVU may be the odd team out in any scenario involving three one-loss teams. We would have liked to see Rich Rodriguez back roaming the same Superdome sidelines where he terrorized C-USA defenses as Tulane's offensive coordinator.
  6. Mizzou -- Why not? Only loss is a close one to a top five team. If they beat KU and OU, it will be tough to keep Mizzou out of the championship game. Odds of that seem low though.
  7. Ohio State -- What a bad loss for the Buckeyes. It would almost seem to benefit them by losing to Michigan, kinda makes firing Lloyd Carr a bit more difficult.
  8. Arizona State -- If they win out they could find themselves back in the discussion. Odds are even if they win out they're looking at a Rose Bowl birth.
  9. Georgia -- Quietly UGA has put together a nice year and can play spoiler to an LSU championship. Let's see, Georgia versus LSU with the national championship game in New Orleans on the line. Seems like we've seen this before.
  10. Texas -- Who would have thought that out of Nebraska, Okie State, and Tech that the Tech game would have been the easiest to watch? The Horns put together a complete game and head to College Station staring at a BCS bowl game. We would LOVE to watch the Horns in the Sugar Bowl this year. We're just saying, it would be nice.


JBRATER said...

so... if michigan beats osu and oregon goes to the national title game, could we see another texas-michigan rose bowl?

WAO said...

While we would love that, because we would win, I don't see it happening. Oregon in the NCG would still leave Arizona State or USC (whichever wins that game)available for the Rose Bowl, and they would prefer a Pac 10 team as always. IF Texas manages to jump 2 other, likely higher-ranked Big XII teams for a BCS berth we'd almost certainly be in the Sugar.

JBRATER said...

I make no statements of confidence about this michigan team but

1) Vince Young is gone.

2) I saw the Kansas State game.

3) Mich would be better of against Texas than a Pac-10 team.

Here's hoping...

JMA said...

1) I think about that every day.
2) I saw Appy St. I think both teams have improved since them. Texas has won 5 straight since losing to OU.
3) I think Texas goes to a BCS game but don't confuse that with thinking Texas deserves to go to a BCS game or that Texas will perform well in a BCS game.

Ben said...

All i've got to say is, come on Michigan! For the love of all that is holy, please beat ohio state!

Jaybro said...

Oregon lost! KU is going to be #2 in the BCS and #1 on 40acres! Barry Bonds got arrested! This is so awesome, this is badass, this is rockin and rollin. Oh, and Abram will be in Spain in two weeks. AND, I´m going to be on Dream Street Program Staff again next year.
This has been self-indulgent happy time with Jonny Orlansky. Thank you for your time.