October 14, 2007

Horns Beat Best 1-6 Team in NCAA

With only one more win, Texas will be bowl eligible. It's a good day to be a Horns fan, albeit one with significantly diminished expectations. We're somewhat (read: very) disappointed in LSU's loss (one of us probably would use a stronger word than "disappointed" there), but pretty happy with the rest of the college football weekend.

"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

If there's anything positive for Tiger fans it's that a one-loss LSU team is very likely to still be in the national championship game. The big fear right now has to be: would anybody watch a Boston College vs. South Florida championship game (as opposed to Ohio State vs. South Florida which could get huge David vs. Goliath ratings)? It might not even sell out.

As for Texas, there are no complaints. Colt McCoy was fantastic, Jamaal Charles begins the painful recovery from OU weekend by running hard in limited carries. Moreover, we got at least a small glimpse of a potentially successful post-Limas Longhorns passing game. The defense played well, although we figure it had as much to do with Iowa State being offensively challenged.

We probably won't learn too much about the Horns next week against Baylor, but at 6-2 we can begin to start about a BCS bid. We'll enjoy this break from competitive football before Texas hits the critical 3 game stretch (Nebraska, @ Okie State, @ Aggy) that will determine the success or failure of this season.

Finally this week we had this quote from A&M fat man Jorvorskie Lane:

"I liked it," he said. "You come to somebody's house, and they chant bad things about me. I must be doing something good on the football field."

Lane was referring, of course, to his guarantee of victory over Texas Tech. Lane carried the rock 13 times for 48 yards during A&M's 35-7 loss to Tech. Aggy this season seems to be one laugh after another.


Jaybro said...

This is obviously not pertinent to the post itself, but it's a question that needs asking. How is it that the Coaches and the AP voters can determine that Kentucky is the eighth best team in the country, and not give a single vote of recognition to Colorado, and yet also determine that a triple overtime loss to the former is less understandable than a regulation loss to the latter? It's 8:26 PM in Madrid, and OU is still overrated (not to mention the no-talent hacks leading the joke conferences known as the Big 10, ACC, and Big East).

JBRATER said...

interesting that you would say the big ten is overrated when the conference only has 1.5 ranked teams. (Michigan is ranked in one poll) This despite the fact that there are a number of teams in the big ten with only 2 losses, while about five 2-loss teams in the SEC are ranked. I also like that when top teams in the SEC lose to middle-of-the-pack SEC teams, it is considered a sign of that conference's strength, but when top teams in the big ten lose to middle-of-the-pace big ten teams, that is taken as a sign that the big ten conference is weak. Yes the SEC is the best conference this year. It's also the most overrated conference EVERY year. Stop whining.

Jaybro said...

You're referring to the number 8 ranked team in the country as middle-of-the-pack? That's a self-defeating argument. If you think Ohio State is honestly better than LSU you can have the name. I don't want to share anymore. In positive news, the Jayhawks are #15!

WAO said...

I'm calling it now:

Undefeated Kansas defeats one-loss Oklahoma in Big 12 Championship game. One-loss LSU takes advantage by defeating Kentucky in the SEC Championship game. LSU plays Kansas for the national championship. Mark Mangino puts a Superdome iron-on patch on his KU muu muu.

lsutiger77 said...

Actually, as I told Jaybro in an e-mail this morning, you're not the first to predict a KU-LSU matchup, though Cavalcade of Whimsy at www.collegefootballnews.com has it in the (preliminary) Sugar Bowl.