October 15, 2007

Why We Blog

Conversation between 11:10 and 11:30 EST last night concerning the Saints 28-17 win, highlighted by a Matt Hasselback interception by Josh Bullocks.

Jeff: they couldn't just blow them out they couldn't go up 35-10 and let me go to sleep
not that I would have but still
I like Lance Moore
you may have made a mistake by being online but not being there because you're going to get stream of consciousness here
couldn't have made this easy
grounding doesn't matter
Abram: yeah
Jeff: go away
you're bad luck
Abram: you started talking to me homey
Jeff: shhh shhh shhh
Abram: lalalalalalala
Jeff: don't respond sweety
kinda a good penalty
Abram: bla bla bla bla bla
talky talky talky
Jeff: I'm guessing 6 plays
I looked at the season
11 drives of 10 plays or more
Abram: how optimistic
Jeff: 3 tds
5 scores overall
Saints fan
you can't see but I'm pointing at myself
I'm going to be devastated if we lose
I'm reading "don't kill yoursef books"
roman harper leading the whodats in sacks
Abram: he's playing great don't worry
Jeff: from....?
Abram: bama
Jeff: nice
FYI that's 5
Scott Shanle, nicely done sir
Abram: they won't score here
Jeff: 6!
"I'm guessing 6 plays"
Abram: you called something somewhat different
Jeff: am I God?
read the transcript
we're blogging about this one
Abram: if you were a deity, you'd think you'd be able to materialize for yourself a date
Jeff: yea, working on that
Abram: keep me posted on progress
second half has been much less enjoyable than first half
Jeff: not outta the woods here
Abram: effing seneca wallace
good coverage there, had to be a perfect throw and was
Jeff: like that play
Abram: yeah
Jeff: that could do it


greg said...

That's 5 minutes I will never get back.

JMA said...

Roll Wave, Greg. Roll Wave.

Anonymous said...

yoo... thanks for thoughts..