October 9, 2007

Top Ten -- Week Six

Sorry for the enormous amount of time in which we have been lackluster in posting. We'll try to do better.

Here is our Top Ten for this week. Much hand-wringing over the near-miss (which, honestly, was much more than we expected) against OU can be expected shortly. Also: how 'bout that Stanford Red! You will notice that, unlike the AP and coaches' polls, SC is not in the Top Ten in the Meaningless Rankings of 40AS because...they lost at home to Stanford!
  1. LSU -- Is there any reason to explain this? Yes, they were largely outplayed by Florida, but the points on the board at the end is all that counts.
  2. Ohio State -- A seemingly very good team in an obviously very bad conference. It's hard to tell a difference between the Buckeyes and the California Golden Bears, but OSU certainly has the best chance of finishing unbeaten because...who's going to beat them?
  3. Cal -- Played it safe this week--didn't play at all. That seems to be the only smart thing for a Top Ten team to do these days.

  4. South Florida-- Everyone says, "not South Florida! They're not a legitimate Top Ten team!" Well guess what! They're undefeated, and they play in the Big East. That's not the best conference in the country by a long shot, but it is better than the ACC. Which is why USF is ranked higher than...

  5. Boston College -- A good win against an underrated Michigan State team. Once again, they aren't going to blow good teams out of the water, but they might win 10-12 games this year.

  6. Florida -- Two losses? Yes. Still the only team that seems to be a real threat to beat LSU? You bet.
  7. Oklahoma -- We should have beaten these rednecks. Um...that is, the Sooners are a pretty good football team.

  8. South Panola High School -- The Tigers are our favorite high school team in Batesville, Mississippi. It's been over 3 years since they lost a game. We'd probably take them over the Horns right now.

  9. Oregon -- The Ducks have lost only to Cal in a great game, albeit in Autzen. Southern Cal had better watch out, or it could be headed for another conference loss before it even plays UCLA. The Bruins aren't that good, but they weren't last year either. Oh, and neither is Stanford.

  10. South Carolina -- The Head Ball Coach has his team looking like a threat to the Gators, and if they can beat UF they will finally break the glass ceiling that has so far kept the Gamecocks, along with Vandy and Kentucky, from showing up in the SEC Championship Game.

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