October 10, 2007

Links (and other things) That Make Us Happy

We didn't start this blog to be depressed. We started it because we thought people wanted us to write down our conversations so they could read the general gist of them. 23,595 blog hits later (of which we assume a couple hundred are not just us and Brater), we're still ticking because our conversations make us happy.

So, in that vein, we won't mention that Limas is done for the year (along with David Thomas, Jake Delhomme, Deuce, Matt Leinart, and former Horn basketball "star" Mike Williams, to name just a few). We won't dwell on the fact that Texas is 0-4 in its last four conference games, or that the first episode of The Office wasn't all that funny. Finally, we won't dwell on the fact that the Saints had a 24 play, 90 yard drive that took up 10 minutes, which ended in a kicker brought in to replace an aging, reliable, well-liked older kicker (Morten Anderson anybody?) getting his 20-yard FG attempt blocked (although we aren't convinced the kick would have been good had he kicked it higher than 6 feet). Instead, here are a few things that are keeping us going (see if you can guess the one that isn't true!):

  • Stanford over USC (including a picture from the Rose Bowl)
  • Our favorite AL team (Bo Sox) is in the ALCS
  • The Yankees are not
  • Mangino: Cupcakes served their purpose
  • Kevin Durant for Rookie of the Year begins soon
  • Hockey's back!
  • Not only is hockey back but the Capitals are 3-0 for the first time in 5 years
  • VY is 3-1 and we get the feeling that people are starting to learn what we've known all along: VY just wins football games
  • Work's going great, thanks for asking
  • One of us just got engaged! (HINT: this is the one that isn't true!)
  • We're one day closer to the 2008 football season...the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl and Texas is going to kick the crap outta OU on its way to a title...We can't wait!


Jaybro said...

One of you just got engaged? Unless Jeff's pulling the shocker of the century, you, Abram, have once again neglected to inform your favorite brother of a major life decision. I'm too hurt to congratulate. Congratulations.

WAO said...

there's nothing to congratulate. it's a joke.

JMA said...

Loved your voice mails Jonny O, wish I had a transcript

Anonymous said...

here's one more thing to make you happy (though--apparently--you need to write a story about it since, "every blog in America has vilified" this guy). copy and paste this link and then visit his personal site if you need some good comedy. http://gawker.com/news/douchebags/nightmare-online-dater-john-fitzgerald-page-is-the-worst-person-in-the-world-309684.php