October 17, 2007

Week This Top Ten

Yes, we're too lazy to figure out what week this is. Leave us alone.

1) Ohio State--The Buckeyes are currently the consensus number one, mostly because they're the only big name program that's still undefeated. Sorry, Boston College; your "big name" graduated 20-something years ago. Who will provide the "shocking" upset of this top-ranked team? And will it still shock anyone?

2) South Florida--We would like to agree with our fellow college football elitists and say that the Bulls aren't legit enough to be in the Top Two, and thus in the national championship if the season ended today. But here's the issue: the other undefeated choice at the top is BC, and USF actually has a better resume in terms of whom they've beaten than the Eagles do. So here we are.

3) Boston College--An unranked team at the beginning of the year, BC is suddenly in the national title hunt. And we say, good for them! It's fun when Boston College is the best Catholic school football team in America. Eagles QB Matt Ryan is a prototypical passer who is fun to watch. Now, if only BC fans can pay attention to football instead of hockey for a few more weeks...

4) LSU--Are we being homers and sooner haters by putting the Tigers ahead of ou? Maybe. But in all reality, a loss on the road in 3 overtimes against a ranked in-conference opponent whom you largely outplayed is better than a lackluster loss to an unranked team that has shown no other signs of having a good season. The only reason anyone has ou ranked fourth is that they happened to play Colorado before LSU played Kentucky.

5) Oklahoma--We hate these guys. If Sam Bradford wins the Heisman...whatever. The Heisman is bs anyway. There's only one guy who's having a season worthy of it this year, and he won't win it because he plays for Michigan and no one can get past their first 2 weeks. Though it could happen if the Wolverines beat Ohio State.

6) Arizona State--Why should the fact that ASU wasn't ranked in the preseason keep them out of the Top Ten? It's crazy talk, is what it is. These guys are playing great ball and are now the Pac-10's only undefeated team after Cal's debacle against Oregon State. The Sun Devils are one of the 3 teams left who may very well beat USC. We are enjoying that part of the season. If only Arizona could have made it happen...

7) South Carolina--The Head ball Coach has the Gamecocks playing really well right now, and a win over his alma mater in the final conference game on Nov. 10 could put The Other USC in its first SEC Championship Game. But they'll have to get through Tennessee and Arkansas first.

8) Kentucky--The Wildcats fans were a bit distracted leading up to last week's game by the basketball team's Midnight Madness and the beginning of the Billy Gillespie Era in Lexington, but the football team stole hoops' thunder with probably the biggest win in school history.

9) Oregon--Except for a tough loss to Cal, the Ducks Machine continues to roll. This is a great football team, and this Pac-10 race is (surprisingly to us) shaping up to be one of the most entertaining in the country. ASU, Oregon, Cal, and Southern Cal are all in the hunt and it's unlikely that any of them will run away with it until the very end. Though "unlikely" this season is kind of a meaningless word. (As a side note, it's worth mentioning that as Oregon has turned out to be a very, very tough team this season, Michigan's loss to them isn't all that bad. Yes, they got destroyed in Ann Arbor which is never acceptable, but at least that loss wasn't a true abomination like the App State one was. If Michigan continues to win and wins the Big 10, will Carr still lose his job?)

10) Kansas--That's right, the Kansas Jayhawks. To paraphrase BON from earlier this week, KU has not exactly played a killer schedule to this point. But they won in Manhattan against a hot K-State team, and they have absolutely destroyed the patsies they've seen. And that's what good teams do. KU is undefeated, bowl eligible, and suddenly a threat to win the Big XII North.


Jaybro said...

First of all, hell yeah, number ten! Second of all, y'all are a blog; you don't have to worry about consensus and integrity. LSU's better than the three teams you have ahead of them and you know it. Go ahead, treat yourselves, put the Bengals at the top where they belong.

JBRATER said...

Jaybro's Top Ten:

1) LSU

Best team in SEC = Best team in the country. No matter what.

2) Kentucky

Beat LSU

3) South Carolina

Beat Kentucky

4) Florida

Proved the SEC's dominance last season by winning the only bowl against a Big Ten team out of three played between the SEC and Big Ten

5) Auburn

Beat Florida

6) Arkansas

Darren McFadden should win the Heisman over Mike Hart because he plays in the SEC.

7) Tennessee

Peyton was robbed.

8) Ole Miss

Eli was robbed.

9) Alabama

Bear Bryant.

10) Georgia

UGA is cute.

WAO said...

It's about resume, not about who we think would beat whom. It's that kind of nonsense that had some people saying that Michigan should have been in the national championship game last year.

Rankings ought to be based on what teams have accomplished, not some meaningless opinion about who's actually better despite what the proof on the field says, a la Kirk Herbstreit. Do I believe that LSU will end up in the top 2 by the end of the season? Absolutely; the 3 squads ahead of them won't all stay undefeated, and LSU should clearly win the battle of one-loss teams. But for now...4th.