October 28, 2007

Some Highlights of a Great Day

We'll get to the football in a minute, but first the baseball:

  • 3-0. A few things come with being only one win away from a World Series title...
  • The Red Sox are 27 outs away from their second World Series in four years. There's hope for us all.
  • Jbrater said he'd eat mustard if Dice-K got a hit, moments before the rookie's RBI single, and he did.
  • Explaining his dislike for the Red Sox, the bartender at dinner last night said a guy he had never seen before at the bar came in with Red Sox gear on and started cheering for Julio Lou-o. From now until the end of time Julio Lugo will be known as Lou-o.
  • Think you're sick of the Red Sox now? Josh Beckett-27, Dice-k-27, Papelbon-27, Jon Lester-23, Dustin Pedroia-24, Kevin Youklis-28, Jacoby Ellsbury-24. These aren't your grandfather's Red Sox, these are your great grandfather's Red Sox.
  • You probably haven't heard this yet but tonight's starting pitcher for the Sox (Jon Lester) defeated cancer over the last year. We're not sure if FOX will pick up on this potential storyline, but it would be a shame if they don't.
  • The Red Sox bullpen (our MVP this series) will be trying out for America's Next Great Band or some crap like that...we get it, FOX.
  • The best part about tonight other than potentially winning the World Series: we get to remind everybody that only one team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit...the 2004 Red Sox.
  • Go Sox!

Now on to football:

  • We officially have no idea about this season. Texas won, lots of other teams lost (about half the teams that played this week). It was by no means pretty, but it gets Texas one win closer to the BCS discussion which we assume will start now.
  • Simply put, this Texas team is not all that good this season. Blame Greg Davis or Mack Brown or Benji Orlansky all you want, but when it comes down to it the players on the field are either too green or not good enough to make plays that we are accustomed to Texas teams making. That's ok. Maybe Texas will win out, maybe they'll lose out. Either way we won't be all that shocked (actually, we'll kinda be shocked by either outcome).
  • Jamaal Charles is special. We've been saying it all year. He's probably not being used to the best of his abilities, and the fumbling is crippling at time. But let's never forget this performance. We're hoping this gives him a boost of confidence and leads to big things the rest of the season and (more importantly) next season.
  • Things could be worse, we could be waking up as Aggies this morning like Martellus Bennett has every morning. Tellus tells us that he's not impressed by Kansas, adding "I promise you when we meet them in the Big 12 championship, we're going to win the game." Riiiiiiiiight. Every week brings a great Aggy quote.
  • Tulane's Matt Forte: 44 carries, 278 yards, 2 tds in another devastating loss for the Green Wave. For the season Forte has 1539 yards with a 6.6 YPC and is leading the nation in rushing by 300 yards.
  • BC finishes with Florida St, at Maryland, at Clemson, Miami PLUS ACC championship game. By the way, BC is #1 in the computers, so the only way they don't make the championship is because pollsters are dumb.
  • Texas caught a break catching Nebraska, KSU, and Iowa St this year. The Horns could have gone 0 for the North against CU, KU, and Mizzou.
  • Finally, this guy is going to be a Horn next year...should be fun.

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