October 20, 2007

It Begins...

6-2, 4 games left. The Horns could go 4-0, ending 10-2 and having a very good chance at redeeming this season in a BCS bowl. Texas could also do a considerable degree worse, marking the 2007 campaign as one of Mack Brown's worst campaigns. All Aggy jokes aside, there are no cupcakes left on the schedule this season.

Reality is that Texas plays a four game schedule that begins next Saturday against Nebraska. Meanwhile, Iowa State(!) almost beats Oklahoma, Vandy exposed South Carolina, and A&M is kicking the crap out of Nebraska. Our question concerning the last one is: at what point is it ever a good idea to give your QB 30+ carries in a game. Poor Stephen McGee.

But we digress. After a dominating 31-10 victory over Baylor we will finally learn what this Texas team is made of.


Jaybro said...

Kansas has played a nothing schedule. Our only win is only a no longer ranked (and at the time only #24) K-State team. I don't feel we've earned this. Nonetheless, top ten! It's like that time I made out with a programming director at MTV. I hate MTV, and she's got to be responsible for some of the awful shit I despise, but still, that's awesome, right? Come on, making out with a higher up at MTV is awesome, and being in the top 10 is awesome. "Do I contradict myself? Yes; I contain multitudes."
-Walt Whitman

BWS said...

This website still exists?

Jaybro said...

If possible, I'd like to rescind the majority of that comment. I have to stay up very late and drink an awful lot to follow college football.

Benji said...

I'd like to plug my new blog:

It's like this one, but for cool people.